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Melody Rawson: A Life in Music

From success in a UK competition as a schoolgirl to a cabaret act in the Melbourne Fringe, and from singing with well-known Melbourne Jazz identities to conducting a 40 voice choir, Melody's music career has covered a range of music styles. She has made recordings and written songs; performed at festivals and lulled patrons into romantic reveries in restaurants - even played the organ on an album of meditation music!

After an absence from the music scene of some years, Melody has decided to return to recording. In doing this she made the decision to produce an album of piano and voice with the aim of creating an atimosphere of enormous intimacy.

Her first production, a two-song album War & Peace is presently available on iTunes. It contains a beautiful version of the Buffy St-Marie classic Universal Soldier and, just released on YouTube, Isn't it Funny, a haunting ballad of communication and love...

The Universal Soldier

Isn't it Funny?