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Melody's Story

Melody began her singing career for the second time in 1980s Melbourne. She quickly became known for her rhythm, her lyrical style and above all, her ability to “tell the story”.

As a young girl she won praise for her singing in UK music competitions. An unexpected migration to Australia and a huge change in family circumstances forced her at the age of seventeen into a nursing career and she acquired a degree in Health. It seemed to be light years away from her love of music and her promising career in music-performance. The medical environment catapulted her into dealing with life and death, pain and suffering on a daily basis.

Many times people in life-changing situations would seek her help on physical and emotional levels, and in particular, she found herself constantly being asked for advice on human relationships. After twenty years of dealing with the reality of the human condition Melody resumed her singing career.

In 2003, Melody found herself plummeting into her own healing crisis. She experienced a surgery, which after many months of pain and uncertainty resulted in her being confined to a wheelchair.

These were dark days. It seemed that she would never nurse or sing again. During this three-year period, Melody struggled with her own inner demons. Eventually she realised that even if she never walked again, she could still sing. A new concept evolved. In collaboration with her husband, John, she created a synthesis of her years of working with people in relationships and her expression in music and performance. The new music is a fusion of her Jazz background, and the healing and spiritual energies which have been so much part of her life.

Melody is currently working on her new album, Nightingale, in collaboration with her husband, John on piano. John has co-written a number of the original tracks on the album, including the title track.

The album is projected to be released later in 2021.